We have dedicated two separate areas for cardio and strength machines, creating a more focused environment in each area. Thus, we have a cardio theater and a mixed gym that is filled to the brim with equipment to target each and every muscle of your

Highlights from our sports club gyms are:

Entirely represented high-end Artis line with a fully connected healthy lifestyle experience through Mywellness platform by Technogym - the company which is the official supplier of Olympic Village.

Climb, released in 2016, which is the strongest calorie-burner among cardio machines.

MILON TRAINING – simple, safe, effective

With its different training circuits, milon covers the full range of training needs: from health-oriented basic training to specifically targeted strength training and intensive cardio training to maximum strength training. Whether the objective is strength, endurance or a combination of the two, our state-of-the-art technologies enable milon circuits to provide the most effective training concept for each and every user.


THE MILON PRINCPLE – confirmed by sports science

Milon training is always based on the latest findings from the field of sports science. In collaboration with the German Sport University Cologne, milon Intensity Training (MIT) was developed, which precisely regulates the heart rate-controlled milon equipment to maintain short, high-load intervals within the ideal healthy training range.



  • Joint stress reduction
  • Back and joint pain relief
  • Prevention of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and other joint disorders (strengthening of skeleton, connective tissue and muscle)
  • Improved posture and endurance; everyday physical challenges become easier
  • Increased metabolism
  • Muscle building

Strength and plate-loaded machines, benches, cable stations, free-weights and much more in one place, equally serving beginners and professional bodybuilders.

Built to the highest standards in biomechanics, ergonomics, durability and safety, Pure is the ideal choice to maximize sport performance.

Pure feel and training freedom

Pure equipment offers athletes all the freedom, versatility and challenge of free weights, but with an entirely safe environment. Comprised of plate-loaded machines, racks, lifting platforms, and a wide range of benches and free weights, the Pure collection offers premier performance.



Maximum Muscle Activation

Maximum Comfort and Ease-of-use

Machines Designed to Last

With the FLEXability line, stretching becomes accessible, intuitive and measurable for everyone. It’s an entirely innovative line of equipment that even benefits trainers and medical staff who want to assess and monitor users’ results.

Innovative, intuitive, and measurable

The FLEXability line is an innovative line of stretching equipment that's suitable for all types of users in a wide range of environments.
  Users can also independently recreate a stretching session at any time, thanks to the unique visual feedback system.