Group training halls

Absolutely fascinating and designed to meet your expectations our halls which combine cutting-edge innovations of the industry and user-friendliness at the same time will add our group trainings and other workouts there to your favourites

Martial Arts Hall

Fulfilled with equipment starting from traditional punching bags, pads, gear to boxing ring (advanced fighters) and the most innovative developments such as Nexersys 3.0 and Cross-Body Trainer. To take your body conditioning to the level of perfection , you may also enroll yourself for bodyweight resistance workout specially designed for the Martial Arts Hall Queenax module with kits.

Group Trainings Hall

To be able to run almost 30 various group classes and make them different from each other we have equipped our facility with reformers, hammocks, TRX and other kits, UFO boards, poles, steps, bars, kettle bells, mats bosu balls, rebounders, barres, stretching devices and much more.

Yoga Hall

Tranquil Yoga Hall accommodating maximum 10 participants for ultimate meditation sessions to calm the mind, turn the senses inward to discover new depths within the heart and for deeper relaxation.

‘Yoga is not about self-improvement, it’s about self-acceptance’ - Gurmukh
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