The glass floor with LED lights makes it possible not to mix the lines but to create a unique space for a multitude of games and sports.

Our three side-by-side squash courts with two movable side walls offer the ideal space for a multi functional area. The area can be easily transformed for any game court you may wish. The glass floor with LED lights makes it possible not to mix the lines but to create a unique space for You.

The Game Court is also a show stage for fashion shows, events, disco parties and other top events specially organized for our club members.

Squash Rules

  • The entrance of the squash guests is limited. They can only use the squash courts and locker rooms. All the other Reebok Sports Club Services are paid separately.
  • We highly recommend to start the sessions at the appointed time, as the end time will stay the same, regardless of the time you come to the court.
  • The courts may be set aside for a while by the Club administration for the club events etc. notifying all the clients beforehand.
  • According to the special requirement of the Club, guests can only arrive on the squash courts with clean sports shoes with non-marking soles.
  • The guests who want to prolong their playtime should register in advance and notify the Club operator.
  • The transfer of the Squash Club card to a third person is strictly prohibited.
  • It is required to inform the administrative staff at least 6 hours before the cancellation or delay of the playtime. The administration has the right to consider the court rented and the training conducted in case of the misconduct of the above mentioned.
  • The monthly sessions or personal trainings should be used within the designated time.
  • The unused hours of the expired subscription sessions do not transfer to the next month.
  • In case of the damage or misuse of the Club’s given goods, certain fines are established by the Club’s administration.
  • Inexperienced guests are encouraged to apply to our WSF Level 1 trainer for the upmost enjoyment and the reduction of risks.