Wellness area

After an intensive swimming session or a heavy workout, all you need is relaxation in our Wellness Area.

In addition to being relaxing and providing relief for sore muscles, the high temperature in saunas helps blood vessels expand, improving circulation and lower blood pressure. Furthermore, endurance and muscle strength increase after sauna which means that it can be a perfect addition to your core workout and nutrition plan.

This amenity includes:

Vitality Pool

Our Vitality pool is equipped with water and air jets and includes the most essential features such as air tub, body massage stations, neck massage spouts, stepped wall jets, and underwater benches. 

Finnish Sauna

Our Finnish Sauna is one of the largest in the world and simply the biggest in Armenia. Its maximum temperature is 80-90° and relative humidity is 10-20%.

Mediterranean Bath

Maximum temperature: 43-45°C
Relative humidity: 98%

Roman Bath

Maximum temperature: 55°C
Relative Humidity: 20-40%

Ice Fountain

After hotter steam experiences such as saunas and steam baths, running handfuls of ice is the best way to stimulate your immune and lymphatic systems.