Does swimming actually work for weight loss

Does swimming actually work for weight loss

    You already know that cardio exercise is one common component of weight loss success. But if you’ve been relying on traditional methods like cycling and running recently, you might want to change up your routine and give swimming a try.

    Although swimming seems relatively hard, it’s one of the best cardiovascular workouts anyone of any age can do. 

    It’s a workout that helps strengthen the heart muscle, and it’s easy on your joints, too, since the water will support 90 percent of your body weight.

    Of course, trying a new workout routine can be challenging. Here's what to know about swimming for weight loss and how to make the most of your swim workouts.

    You don’t really have to start off with too much, especially if you’re new to swimming. “In the beginning, going three times a week for 30 minutes will benefit you greatly,” says Gagne. “You will find that you are using muscles you didn’t even know you had.”

    There are several ways you can burn more calories swimming. Try these ideas next time you want a more challenging workout.

    Increase resistance. You can increase resistance in the water by adding flippers, resistance bands, or buoys. Any items that makes it harder for you to kick and stroke through the water will increase your strength. 

    Change up your stroke. Studies showing that butterfly burns the most calories, closely followed by breaststroke, backstroke, and freestyle. It’s not easy to do an hour of butterfly, but our professional couches will help to achieve that. 

    Work out with a swim coach. “A swim coach can also help you create a workout plan and incorporate breath exercises so that you can slowly build up your time and speed over the course of a few months

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